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Episode 11: Katie Kellner broke her pelvis training for her first Boston Marathon ICED – Athletes, injuries & mental health

Katie Kellner fractured her pelvis training for her first Boston marathon. Ring a bell? . She’s a 2 time Olympic Trials Marathon qualifier and placed 57th at the trials this February. She was a Division I All-American in both Cross Country and the 10K on the track at Cornell, where she also was Ivy League Champ in both events. She’s transitioning right now from being a professional runner (paid to run) to an elite runner (still super fast, paycheck comes from elsewhere). She’s now a biostatistician currently doing research on the Coronavirus. . Katie has a great attitude about injury recovery: Focus your energy on rebuilding your bone instead of lifting weights (cross training). Some pearls of wisdom from this conversation are: . Don’t focus too much on the past (never going to be as good as I was) or too much on the future (I need to get ready for X race) – but what you can do today. Getting a massage, icing, sleeping an extra hour are all helpful in making you a better athlete. Doing hard work is the only way you are making yourself faster, doing hard work is not a recipe for success while you’re injured. . If you're interested in being coached by Katie (she is AMAZING! super supportive and responsive) go to She's also on Instagram @forwardfocusrunning. — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
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Some background: I am a marathon runner. While training for the Boston Marathon 2020, I broke my pelvis. I was snowboarding, overshot a jump, and landed on my hip.

It was the first injury that stopped me from doing what I loved. I felt lost, without a purpose, without an identity. I decided to reach out to other athletes about their injuries for wisdom. How do I get through this? What do I do with my time? If I can’t run, who am I?

These are the questions the guests of ICED answer, and more. I speak to both professional and amatuer athletes about their experiences and the psychological mayhem that accompanies injuries.

If you or someone you know is suffering from anxiety, depression and feelings of worthlessness due to an injury, please reach out. Or send them my podcast. Or both.

Have a good injury story? Let’s chat!

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